1 Year of Pineapple Images

1 Year of Pineapple Images

July 1st marks 1 year of pineapple images.

International Pineapple Day was technically a few days ago; however, it's July 1st that is our special pineapple day!

What started from the overuse of the pineapple emoji became a total of 195 free pineapple images and a shop full of premium pineapple images for purchase. I was never sure what would happen with posting photos of pineapples one the internet, but it turned out there are many other fans of the pineapple all over the world.

The mark of a full year on this project is a massive milestone for myself. I typically love starting things and then abandoning for something else. I know it's important to keep trying new things to find something that sticks, but it's these amazing pineapples that seem to have stuck.  All throughout this side-projects, I've been doing my best to track and be transparent about everything. I've also found it very important to celebrate milestones! This is what this blog post is all about: Celebrating 1 year of pineapple images!

Pineapple Photo Totals

Over the last year, we've been graced with the support seen through stats like views, downloads, and likes related to our pineapple photos. We secretly hoped to see 20M views in 1 year; however, over 19.5M views is pretty close! All over this in 1 year. Just blown away with what is possible in 365 days.



5 Most Popular Free Pineapple Images

It's no secret that I decided to use Unsplash to host free pineapple images. Using Unsplash as a host for my images, I've been able to get these statistics and use Unsplash Source to post the images here.  In 1 year, I posted 195 photos to Unsplash. This means I posted a new photo almost every other day. In that time, here are the 5 most popular free pineapple images that rose to the top:

Pineapple Image that is Most Popular
6595,570 Views + 79,283 Downloads
Pineapple at the Beach Photo - 2nd most popular
448,751 Views + 3,189 Downloads
Pineapple Floating in Pool of Water - 3rd Most Popular Photo
286,857 Views + 4,932 Downloads
3rd Most Popular Pineapple Image
408,798 Views + 2,911 Downloads
Pineapple at the Beach - 5th most popular pineapple photo
300,326 Views + 3,296 Downloads

5 Most Popular Premium Pineapple Photos or Collections

Back at the end of December 2015, I started to offer premium pineapple photos and collections for purchase. To start, I created a shop on Creative Market.  Each month that's gone by, I've seen sales increasing on Creative Market. This validation, after about 6 months, I decided to open up Pineapple Supply Co. as a designated shop and website. I did this because I don't know what could happen with Creative Market or other types of websites in the future.  I wanted to make sure these pineapple images had their own home and have the ability to offer a lifetime membership to download all of our premium photos.

Because our shop here at PSCO is so new, I don't have any metrics to go off; however, Creative Market helps to offer sales stats for our premium photo stats thus far.  Here are the 5 most popular premium pineapple photos or collections:

Pineapple at Beach in Mexico 8 - Nature
$5 on Creative Market
Pineapple in Pool - Photos
$4 on Creative Market
Pineapple in the Sand - Nature
$4 on Creative Market
Pineapple's Day at the Beach - Web Elements
$7 on Creative Market
Floating Pineapples - Food & Drink
$7 on Creative Market

Pineapple Community

I've been thrilled watching this Pineapple Community grow over the year. This support is what helped me to create a site like this one now: Pineapple Supply Co.

As much as I love sharing pineapple images, there are even more things out in the world that are related to pineapples and I want to be able to bring them to +11,557 people.

11,557 Total Followers

In recent months, it's been the Pineapples Instagram account gaining followers and building a greater sense of community. I'll have to share my recent thoughts on it in another post.  If you're following us in any of these channels, we really appreciate it and don't be shy to say hi.

A Pineapple Future

Going into the 2nd year, I plan to try and incorporate more pineapple-related images and items here at Pineapple Supply Co. We really want to become the g0-to place for pineapples, but with the main offering as pineapple images.

We really want to become the g0-to place for pineapples (aside from actually shipping the fruit to eat), but with the main offering as pineapple images.

If there is anything you want to see or help with as we build Pineapple Supply Co, please get in touch!

Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.