How we got here

Pineapple Supply Co. started as the simple love and overuse of a pineapple emoji in Slack while working at Unsplash. I used the pineapple emoji to communicate positive reactions and, in turn, I felt more positive too.

As someone that deals with depression and anxiety, finding ways to have a positive outlook are very important. This lead me to a undeniable urge to start photographing pineapples.

I began combining my love of photography with these positive pineapples.

Used to giving the majority of my photos away, I thought to create the first stock photo site to specialize exclusively in pineapple images and hosting the photos with I created a profile on Unsplash specifically for the pineapple photos as a hack because collections were not in existence yet.

iphone pineapple photo
Our first pineapple photo | Click image to download on Unsplash

Featured on Unsplash & Tumblr

My Unsplash profile was very welcomed by the community and within about a month, 1 of our pineapple photos got featured in one of the collections that were curated every 10 days. The exposure of being featured grew a following on Tumblr like nothing I’d ever experienced before.

Over the following year, I focused almost exclusively on pineapple photography. With the desire to continue photographing pineapples and giving photos away, I needed ways to support the site. The first thought was to sell premium stock pineapple photos through bundles in our shop and things have grown slowly from there.

Our pineapple brand grew on Tumblr, Instagram, and Unsplash. As each day passed, we wanted the positivity surrounding the pineapple to get louder and louder. It came upon us to start looking into more ways to “share a pineapple” or “spread good vibes.” 

Fast forward and Pineapple Supply Co. exists to spread what can be possible if you follow that which makes you come alive. It doesn't matter how weird that thing might be. Now we are defining our guiding principles in hopes to make a positive impact through the power of the pineapple.

What makes Pineapple Supply Co. so Different from the other pineapple brands

Our creative resilience

Good Vibes Only

Everyone you know is battling something in their life. We believe in compassion and we are open to finding new ways to connect with people in a fun and humorous way. With such a large issue with mental health in our society today, we aim to find and make purposeful and random acts of kindness in the world that promote a hopeful, positive, optimistic, golden state of mind. We’re here to make the world smile more, encourage you to take the leap, and stay golden. 

Golden pineapple held up in the air as a reminder to Stay Golden



In a world of negative media and Facebook, it might seem like we’re in a crumbling world, but humanity is changing in a hugely positive way. It is important to believe the future is inspiring. We don’t complain, instead we’re taking action on what we really care about in this world. We recognize the colossal opportunity to do what makes us come alive has never been better.



We’re open to the  good things that happened, are happening, and will happen in our life. This means optimism is a choice in our life. We see the opportunity to do our part in making an positive impact in the lives of others through direct and indirect methods. We serve as inspiration to take the leap as practitioners in life and showcase our weirdest ideas in which we’ve found success. We believe amazing things are possible when you don’t care who gets the credit. Stay optimistic.

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