5 Insights Into The Importance of a Business Facebook Page

5 Insights Into The Importance of a Business Facebook Page

Get a business facebook page today
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These platforms may not last forever, but they aren't going to collapse tomorrow either. Sure they are not perfect and constantly adapt; however, the hate from some people – people using the services – blows me away.

If NYC called you up today and said you could open up a shop in time square, for free, would you do it? Think about the opportunity you'd have to reach people and make connections. You'd be where the attention is at.

It's no different with Facebook today; however, you're connected to the world.

It's time to get over your issues with Facebook. I hope my thoughts remind you of the importance of your already created pages. If you're still lagging, here are my reasons you need a Business Facebook Page and a Business Instagram profile:

Your business needs a Facebook page.

If you already have one, I hope my thoughts remind you of the importance of it.

If you're still lagging, here are my reasons you need a Business Facebook Page:

You've got to show up

80% of success is showing up and being visible. If you're hiding behind a private profile you're as good as not there. If people can't even see what your brand is about, how are they going to engage with you? How much harder is it going to be to get the same people to your website and become customers?

Show up and share relevant content. I'm always sad when I try to mention a business on Facebook and can't find them.

Competition is already there

Believe it or not, there is probably competition making waves on Facebook right now and they don't even have their own website. Doesn't that make the temperature of your blood rise after all the time and money you've put into building your website?

I want you to win and if you're going to compete online today, you got to be prepared to meet your people where their attention is most likely to be. If your competition isn't there yet (but they are), you could even get a leg up.

So many people always ask how they can stick out in a saturated market. You can't even begin to ask that if you're not even there.

A single piece of content

A single piece of content can change everything. I'm reminded of our very own Tumblr growth in August of 2015. Within a few days, we went from next to 0 followers to over 5,000 because one of our pineapple images was featured on Unsplash. Thankfully, I had a link to our Tumblr website and people wanted to follow us. Another wave of followers came when one of our pineapple images got shared on Tumblr's Radar feature.

The very same thing could happen to a Facebook page if an influencer decides to share a piece of your content. A mention from an influencer or another business could bring a new wave of new followers that you didn't have to work at bringing over on your own.

Customers are on Facebook

I know that not everyone is on Facebook, but billions are! Business is about helping people and if you're not there, I believe you're doing a disservice to your customers. You're essentially cutting off a form of communication that someone would use.

Don't worry about growth, building a huge following, or getting a lot of likes. Just start where you are now. Get passed your personal issues with Facebook and build brand awareness for your online business. Be there for your customers looking for your help.

The more places your business is set up, the less friction there is between you and your community. That's all we want for you. We don't want you to have to work as hard because you can leverage these massive social media platforms for your business' benefit. At the same time, the more your customers see you, the more trust you build with them.

You'll want an Instagram business profile

At this point, you might be thinking that Facebook is dying and engagement is down. Why bother with a Facebook page now? Well, Instagram has recently been rolling out business profiles and this is big. In order to create a business profile on Instagram, your business needs to be linked to a Facebook Page. The ad system is linked to Facebook as well.

Go Get A Business Facebook Page

Just tonight, I was contacted for a photography gig. They contacted me through my Business Facebook Page.

Could you be leaving these potential customers lost within Facebook? You can't guarantee these people will try and find other ways to connect with you.

Go get a Business Facebook Page.

If you're still against a page for your business, could you drop a comment to explain?

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