Hit the Beach

Summer is here, hit the beach!

This pineapple background is intended for your phone. Due to the differing sizes for phone backgrounds, I've left the pre-designed graphic at 4000×6000. You'll be able to pinch in to your phone's background size and it should keep the text too. Again, I just picked up this amazing dual font by Sam Parrett and wanted to promote getting out and hitting the beach.

Like the font?

If you're interested in the font used, it is available on Creative Market, supporting independent creative shops.

If you're interested in the pineapple photo on it's own, you can actually 
find it right on Unsplash for free download and use. Grab the same font I used and add your own inspiring text. If you do use the photo in any way, I love seeing what you create with it and would love to feature it on our blog.

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