Stay Golden x 3

Stay Golden Background

Here's a desktop background I attempted to design as a bright reminder to Stay Golden! I provide you with 2 options – Branded and Unbranded. The downloads are super huge so you could always make your print or canvas print from it. If you do that, check out using Parabo Press or Canvas Pop!

The dual background gave me a potential idea for a way to add more value to the Lifetime Membership here. More on that to come. 

Like the font?

If you’re interested in the font used, it is available on Creative Market, supporting independent creative shops.

Pineapple Flat Lay Photo Bundle

Pineapple flat lay bundle

Download images of a pineapple flat lays

Pineapple Photo Bundle of a pineapple on a cutting board

Pineapple and cutting board

Download images of a pineapple + cutting board