Hello Autumn, but let’s extend Summer!!

Hello Autumn, but let’s extend Summer!!

It's currently around 32 degrees Celcius here in London, Ontario, Canada. We're getting record-breaking temperatures this weekend, apparently! Hello, Autumn?!

I didn't plan it this way, but the crazy temperature works perfectly with my desire to keep the Summer party going

That's right, I am not going to say goodbye to Summer yet. This pineapple isn't ready for that.

Extend Summer Sale

Lifetime Membership access to all pineapple photos and graphics

The Summer Sale here on Pineapple Supply Co. is still on until the end of September. Don't be saying, you don't know what the big Summer Sale has been here; however, if you are, I'll fill you in.

The big sale here has been in regards to the Lifetime Membership offered. It has been on sale all Summer for 60% off the price of $25. Yeah, it's only $10 for ALL the past and future pineapple photo collections. 

Yeah, it's only $10 for all the past and future pineapple photo collections. It's a one-time payment, the price of a few pineapples, and helps to support the website and project in general. A bunch of amazing people took advantage of the Summer Sale and I hope more of you can before the end of September. Check out what Josh has said after joining:

Hey, I love your business and your product. Keep going strong! I'd be a fool not to take this offer before it's gone.

That's the goal: to keep going strong! 

I want to find a way to add more value to the Lifetime Membership in the future. It's a steal at even $25 after September, but I feel it needs some more perks. If you have any thoughts or ideas around this just drop a comment. One perk may be that I give the Pineapple Supply Co. members access to download the free photo packs a week early for a little jumpstart. 

Note about Pineapple Photo Collections Too

Digital Photo Collections to Download

I'll be releasing more free pineapple photo packs here on the blog soon. I have some ideas for shoots and each free photo pack should include about 5-7 photos and be linked with a larger pineapple photo collection in the pineapple shop

Currently, the pineapple photo collections are set as Free with an option that you can “pay-what-you-want.” Starting October 1st, I'm changing up theses premium collections by removing the “pay-what-you-want” option and setting flat a la carte prices.

The a la carte pricing for a collection will range from $5-$10 USD, except for the 250 pineapple photo collection remaining Free.

The reason for these changes is to continue to test things and try to support the project (and website) financially. It's simply about my desire to play the infinite game and continue. 

If anyone is upset about the upcoming change, I'd recommend getting the Lifetime Membership at the Summer Sale price of $10 and not have to pay for a photo collection ever again! Pay once, get em all!

Remember, you can still get the past pineapple photo collections for free by entering 0.00 until the end of September.

Special Thank You

I just wanted to end this update with a special thank you to everyone that's supported this pineapple project already! Whether you've purchased a photo collection or the lifetime membership or gave a shoutout on social media, it all means a lot to me and helps to spread good vibes!

Stay Golden!


Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.