Not Your Ordinary Pineapple Store

Not Your Ordinary Pineapple Store

You might have noticed that in our recent post about the Be a Pineapple quote, we had no problem linking and promoting another pineapple shop. Like what store does that? 

Our vision is to curate the web to supply pineapple goods that stand out. We'll try and cut the clutter as best we can for you on-the-hunt-pineapple-lovers.Click To Tweet

This one! We're crazy for pineapples 😉

We spent a bit of time thinking about our own pineapple store recently and came to the conclusion that we're not putting out our own products at a pace we'd like to be doing. Being such a small shop and loving to give things away for free, it's been tough. Since we love sharing pineapples and spreading good vibes, we thought that we don't want to be your ordinary pineapple store.

But, what do we mean by this?

We want to be a pineapple store containing some of our own products, but one also containing curated pineapple products from around the web—including other pineapple stores. It's weird because we'd essentially be sending you away from our shop and the links may not even be affiliate links (which could at least benefit us a tiny bit). We simply want to share cool finds related to pineapples and maybe even dope golden products too. I mean you guys are royalty to us!

We're also doing this because amazing people are creating products with our pineapple photos! We are always wanting to share them and it's time to get serious about that and promote them.

Inside of Our Not So Ordinary Pineapple Store

Over the last few days, we changed up the store and you see categories first now. A few more categories are on the way, but we've started with our Digital Photo Collections, Pineapple Clothing, Swag, and Pineapple Prints

Pineapple Shop Categories on Pineapple Supply Co
Our current categories in the pineapple supply co. shop

We simply want to be the go-to destination for you to discover curated, new, funky, hard to find, and awesome pineapple products of all kinds. 

Trust us, there are pineapple products everywhere and so many other shops out there.

Our vision is to curate the web to supply pineapple goods that stand out. We'll try and cut the clutter as best we can for you on-the-hunt-pineapple-lovers.

How it Works for Other Shops and Products

Each curated pineapple product will be listed within the appropriate category of our shop. Where to officially buy it will be linked with a “BUY IT NOW” button instead of an “add to cart.” The “add to cart” button signifies it's one of our products and you can purchase it right here in our pineapple shop.

The curated products with the “BUY IT NOW” button could potentially be affiliate links or referral links. This means that we could make a small commission if you click the link and make a purchase. We must tell you that and hope for a little bit of support if you are going to go purchase anything. It could very much help us continue to seek out these pineapple related products.

If You Have a Pineapple Store or Product

If you're someone with a pineapple store or product, feel free to get in touch with us and we may list it on our site for you. This could be a great way to get your pineapple products in front of a new audience. Please ensure you provide a link to your product for us to check out. Contact us here.

As always, remember to Stay Golden!

Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.