Pineapple Fridays! Get Your Pineapple Photos Featured on Our Instagram Profile

Pineapple Fridays! Get Your Pineapple Photos Featured on Our Instagram Profile

If there is one thing we like more than pineapples, it's got to be: community.  We decided to create Pineapple Fridays as a way to celebrate our Pineapple Community and Friday all at the same time. We absolutely see a lot of pineapple images on Instagram every day and we'd love to feature them on our Instagram profile: Our follower count on Instagram continues to grow and we would love to feature some of your photos and promote the people that are also on a mission to spread good vibes and optimism using pineapples.

How to Get Featured on Pineapple Fridays

In order to easily know we are okay to feature a pineapple photo of yours, we wanted to create a couple of options to communicate that with us. Here are 2 ways on how to get featured on Pineapple Fridays:

1. Super Easy

Gold Pineapple Image at the Beach to Celebrate Friday via Instagram
Pineapple Friday at the Beach!

The super easy way to submit a pineapple photo for Pineapple Fridays is to post your photo on Instagram and using a hashtag that we'll have our eyes on.  The hashtag we decided on is one we can own entirely and not get mixed up in one that's already in use. We'd love if you could hashtag your pineapple photos with #pineapplesupplyco. Feel free to tag us or mention us too:

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2. Still Easy

The second option to submit one of your pineapple photos to be featured is a touch more involved but still easy. We added an option within our contact form on our Contact page that allows you to submit the link to your pineapple image that you want to be featured. It allows you to link to an image that may be higher resolution than an Instagram post. Also, you're able to include a message with your photo and we'll be sure to include it if we feature it. Submit your photo here

Why contribute to Pineapple Fridays?

We believe that the reason to contribute to Pineapple Fridays is to spread good vibes. We are constantly looking at the #pineapple on Instagram and we see so many cool photos that are not getting the attention they deserve. We want to build on the pineapple symbolism and spread the welcoming nature of the pineapple to more people. Also, the series is to show our affection towards our Pineapple Community. Hopefully, we can bring you some added exposure while being able to share more pineapple photos.

Contributing to Pineapple Fridays doesn't mean we will offer your photos for free or anything like that. It's simply a way to showcase the awesome pineapple pictures from people that are keeping the vibes high.

Submit Now

We hope to start featuring pineapple photos tomorrow as the first Pineapple Friday. Right now the #pineapplesupplyco hashtag is fresh and new. It's ready to start getting used and we'd love to see it start to get used. We'd love to connect more with the pineapple community!

Join us on our mission to spread good vibes and stay golden

Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.