Pineapple Photos in Quarter 1 of 2016
Most Popular Pineapple Photos End of Quarter 1 2016

Pineapple Photos in Quarter 1 of 2016

Today, as I share stats related to my pineapple photos, I am humbled by the process of adding new free photos almost daily for people to use.

Tracking stats related to my pineapple images was something I stopped doing monthly because the tracking was time-consuming. But then, Unsplash went and created a brand new stats page and I could quickly figure out my most basic photo metrics for these awesome pineapples.

In this post, I'll bring up and share:

  • Quarter 1 views, downloads, and likes that were received on the photos through Unsplash tracking. This is the beauty of using Unsplash as a host and distributor of my pineapple photos. Not to mention, Unsplash Source helps me share the photos easily and I believe the views are still tracked.
  • All time pineapple photo views, downloads, and likes
  • The top 5 most popular pineapple images as per the Unsplash algorithm.
  • If is making any money from giving away photos and how
  • Where the pineapples community is at in terms of total followers
  • Struggles in Quarter 1

Pineapple Photos in Quarter 1 of 2016

Because I wasn't tracking on a monthly basis, I had no idea the impact I was making by uploading a new pineapple photo almost daily. During Quarter 1, from January to the end of March, I uploaded 65 new pineapple images. This means I was 2 photos shy of doubling the image library in 3 months time and brought the total number of photos to 132.

Pineapple Photo Stats from Jan to March in 2016

In that time, these 132 photos accumulated at least 5,785,876 views, 49,278 downloads, and 1,172 likes. I feel like I shouldn't be surprised, but I'm continually amazed. Never could I have imagined that I could give people images they can build upon and use in their work – especially photos of pineapples.

And this is why I believe these numbers are simply representative of the power of consistency. I didn't upload 5 photos and expect to see 50k downloads. I don't even expect my photos to be curated into the “new” section of Unsplash. Having a photo put into the “new” section is a big bonus. I also did not have any “featured” photos in Quarter 1. I can only imagine some the statistics people with multiple featured images are seeing (cough Matt Wiebe or Samuel Zeller cough).

While Unsplash is a crazy distribution channel for your photos, you can promote your images outside of the site. Use your own blog or website. Unsplash Source makes it easy!

Going into the Quarter 2, I want to top 65 new uploads and increase the quality of pineapple imagery at the same time. 

All-Time Pineapple Photo Metrics

The numbers above were only for the first 3 months of 2016. The first pineapple photo uploaded was July 1st, 2015 (9 months ago). In that time, these 132 photos have seen some serious love. As of April 1st, the all-time pineapple photo metrics:

  • Views: 13,206,780
  • Downloads: 140,935
  • Likes: 1,854

That is a lot of good vibes put out into the world! And I believe that I'm seeing more and more support as time passes. I appreciate ever single share, mention, and when you tag a friend to check out the site or Instagram feed. It means the world.

We're also seeing both our website and unsplash profile moving up in Google. I am pumped to see what can be accomplished in the 2nd Quarter and beyond.

Top 5 Pineapple Photos

In our recap of statistics in 2015, I shared the top 3 pineapple photos and I wanted to see if there was any change in these past 3 months and due to the introduction of the Unsplash popular algorithm.

Get Free Pineapple Images
Most Popular Pineapple Photos End of Quarter 1 2016

There was no chance that “Pineapple in Grass” would lose the most popular spot. It's a curated photo and you can see the impact of being in a featured collection can have on a single photo.

The photos listed in 2-4 were all uploaded in Quarter 1 and it's nice to see them doing well. I especially love #2 – Pineapple in Pool. I wish my Sony A7II had “live photos” so that I could have captured the speed at which the pineapple was moving down the lazy river in Mexico.

Number 5 was actually 3rd most popular back in January. It's nice to see one of those beach photos (on a crummy day) getting attention from people.  But what does this attention do for someone? Does it translate into work, paid work, money?

Is Generating any Money?

The purpose of sharing pineapple photos isn't to get rich. The purpose is to celebrate the pineapple through photography and spread positive vibes that I feel the pineapple represents.

That said, running websites, buying pineapples, and shooting photography all takes a toll and if I could generate some kind of money to support the project, I could continue to play the infinite game and make more pineapple photos.

So, you've got to be at least a little curious.

Near the end of 2015, I began slowly adding premium photo collections and single images for purchase in a Pineapples Creative Market Shop. I also started to provide access to all of my free high-resolution photos (minus premium) over on in a product called Harvest. This gave access to all of the pineapple photos + another 200 of different subject matter.  It didn't take much time to set up and the upkeep is minimal.

Keep in mind, I don't try and push anyone to purchase premium pineapple photo collections or purchase access to the photo library; however, I do have some links to it and mention the options randomly.

Since setting these up, people have been purchasing. I know, it was a shock to me too.

Total Sales: 10
Total Revenue: $45 USD aka $1Million Canadian.

I told you that I'd be transparent with these updates. I'm over the moon that I people have been willing to trade dollars for specific photos that are not available otherwise and also appreciate the access I can give them to download a large photo library via Dropbox.  It's not like I can go teach a webinar on how to make a million dollar business, but I love the support.

Pineapples Community

As great as it is to mention making a little money to support the website, I can't help but think about how I am paid something other than money for putting these pineapple photos out into the universe: Community.

The Pineapples Community (aka our followers and friends) continues to grow. We've gained almost 2,000 awesome pineapple fans to our crew in the last 3 months and this helps tip the number to over 10,000.

Every like and reblog on Tumblr really helps new people discover or images. The same goes for Instagram. It's so helpful when followers tag a friend to check out the photo and account. I Love to see that kind of activity just as much as mentions and retweets on Twitter. I'm always amazed to find more people that are just as obsessed with the pineapple as I am.

I also really appreciated hearing from Emmanuel Quartey on Twitter:

That said, the mission for Quarter 2 is going to be about putting greater focus into the Pineapples Instagram account and begin sending out a monthly update through our newsletter: Subscribe

Biggest Struggle in Quarter 1

I was under a lot of stress and really still am. This leads me to hardly shooting any side photography at all in Quarter 1. The struggle is real. Thankfully I shot a lot at the end of 2015 and created a queue; however it isn't what I really want to be doing.

The weather has been a serious struggle as well. The gloomy and cold winter really rocks my mood. We even got snow in London, Ontario again yesterday and today.  I miss warm weather so much that I curated a collection of images on Unsplash called “Tropical Vibes” and it helps ?

Sometimes we all get into the rut and need to just force ourselves to fire off a bunch of frames to get the creativity flowing again.  That's certainly what I'll be doing going forward.

As Spring is technically here, I'm gaining excitement to bring many ideas for pineapple photos to reality. I'm also motivated by the support from everyone. This really helps me to visualize the work done over 9 months time.

Stay Golden

Keep an eye out tomorrow for a small announcement too!

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