Where are people putting their pineapple stickers?

Where are people putting their pineapple stickers?

I've sent out a bunch of pineapple stickers to amazing people all over the world. I'm doing a terrible job at trying to find out where the stickers are getting stuck, though. Lucky enough, a few people have shot over a photo to show where they put one of their stickers. In this post, I'll be sharing those pictures so that you can see pineapples are taking over the world.

If you're new here, the pineapple stickers, swag, photos, wallpapers and products represent the ability to share the pineapple at scale. They're intended to be a way for you to spread good vibes, express your love for pineapples, and remind you to be a pineapple. We're trying to up the level of positivity in the world through that tasty pineapple symbolism and one pineapple at a time.

Our Pineapple Stickers in the Wild

I really don't know why I write “our.” It's just me here. Below you're going to find images that showcase where the most rad people are sticking our pineapple stickers and seen out in the wild. Where Tim placed a pineapple surprised me and I think it's genius. Erwan ended up creating a pineapple remote due to where he's stuck one of his pineapple stickers. Maybe one day, I'll try running a contest about the most creative place you've stuck your stickers (or other pineapple swag coming to the store soon) and ultimately spreading good vibes. 

This post will be continually updated and I hope to see some pink pineapple stickers really soon. 

I welcome your photos! If you share via social media like Jaymie, even better but be sure to tag too.


Pineapple Supply Co. sticker on laptop from Jaymie Rosen
Jaymie added the pineapple to his laptop sticker collection!


Pineapple Sticker on the back of a bike from Tim!
Tim stuck one on his bike! Love it!


Erwan put a pineapple sticker on his Apple Remote transforming it into a Pineapple Remote
Erwan put a pineapple sticker on his Apple Remote transforming it into a Pineapple Remote




Pineapple Sticker Found Stuck on the Inside of a laptop
Make Lemonade stuck one of theirs on the Inside of a laptop and used it in a photo for their website


Where andy placed 3 pineapple stickers in the real world
Andy put his stickers on his car, hardhat, and notebook or clipboard. Look how great these stickers hold up too! 


As well, let me know if any cool story comes out of sharing a sticker or when someone spotted it where you stuck it.

More to come! 

If you're interested in getting some stickers of your own, you can find them in our pineapple store!

Stay Golden!

Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.