Pineapple Supply Co. Quarter 2 Metrics

Pineapple Supply Co. Quarter 2 Metrics

So I made it over 1-year sharing pineapple images.   Sharing these metrics about the pineapple photos is important to me because I want to be open and transparent about sharing free photos and trying to sell stock pineapple photos online.  Most of the photo metrics are coming from Unsplash. I explained more about that in Pineapple Photo Metrics for Q1.

Quarter 2 Metrics for Photos

At the end of Quarter 1, I wanted to surpass 65 uploads for this quarter. Sadly, I missed the mark by 2 photos and only uploaded 63 new pineapple images in Quarter 2. Despite uploading a few less, all metrics went up other than the total number of Likes.

Pineapple Images and how many downloads, likes, views they had in quarter 2

  • Views: 6,404,263 (+10%)
  • Downloads: 66,970 (+35%)
  • Likes: 1,079 (- 8%)

These stats are strictly from Unsplash. I forgot to add in the download the images received on Creative Market. If I included the 38K downloads from Creative Market, the downloads number trips the 100k level in just 90 days. I'll try my best to explain Creative Market a bit more.

Pineapple Images on Creative Market

Creative Market is a marketplace for creatives. I have been trying to test if this marketplace is a good one for selling images. Or if it's worth selling images compared to just giving every photo away under creative commons zero.  Awesomely, Creative Market updated their shop dashboard recently and I can share the graphics for this period of time quite easily. This is where being transparent and open really comes into play. I'm offering you behind the curtain for sure. It might help you decide if uploading and pursuing the sale of your images could be worth it for you.

Pineapple Image Sales

Pineapple Image Sales on Creative Market

Pretty much 85% of all sales (32) occurred in this period so far. There is nothing specific that I did other than uploading the images. Creative Market seems to handle everything. Much like Unsplash, if you get your photo handpicked, you're going to get far more exposure than you could otherwise.  I also believe offering the free good gave my shop great exposure and put my shop on the radar of people looking for images.

Pineapple Image Earningspineapple-image-earnings

As you can see, with $144, I'm not earning crazy income off the pineapple images at this point; however, if you're limited uploading images to Unsplash, you could begin testing waters with Creative Market too. It is a bit time consuming to upload, however.  This is made much easier with the Creative Market ‘add multiple products' tool, though.   As soon as you upload, the photo is available for sale in the marketplace.  Compare that with iStock Photo that is still pending the approval of a photo from months ago.

It is the activity in this quarter that inspired me to open up this shop on my own domain too. I love offering up pineapple image collections and wanted to offer even more value with the lifetime membership to pineapple images. Hopefully, I see some people take advantage of that offer soon and continue to show support.

What about Pineapples on Other Marketplaces?

There are other places to try selling your images and I opted to try 500px and EyeEm. In each of these marketplaces, they have greater distribution or so they say. I have yet to see a sale in either photo marketplace. It's hard to imagine when I've seen almost 40 on Creative Market.  I mean, these are super niche stock images. I'm not clueless to that.  We'll see if anything pops up in Q3 though.

What's up for PSCO Q3?

I have some things planned that try to expand ways to spread the good vibes through pineapples.  I just started a new series for the blog that gives away cool pineapple wallpapers each week. This means there is going to be a big focus on bringing more content to everyone. Content related to the pineapple images, but also pineapple products and other design resources related to pineapples.

I'm also exploring having a shop on Society6 to test products with pineapple imagery. I'll be sharing a lot about these products and very soon to be trying out a simple logo t-shirt up on TeeSpring.

Thank you for your support! Stay Golden?

Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.