Pineapples in 2015: Some things just click

Pineapples in 2015: Some things just click


Sometimes things just click. That's how Pineapples has felt since I started taking photos of them for this unusual side project. The support I've seen in 6 months has been amazing and it wasn't until December that I really went all in providing free pineapple photos and being active across social media. This post is meant to be as transparent as possible with what's happening on I'll share social stats and metrics for all the free pineapple photos were uploaded in 2015. At the end, I'll also talk about going into 2016!

Social and Photo
Metrics for Pineapples

Mind Blown


When I had the urge to photograph pineapples, I had no idea that I'd see these numbers after 6 months. Some days I wonder how I'll keep shooting fresh images and then I look at my Trello boards and get excited. Some days I feel like I'm totally crazy for photographing pineapples and then I add up these metrics:


Pineapple Photo Metrics 2015

Total Photos: 67
Total Photo Likes: 682
Total Photo Downloads: 91,657
Total Photo Views: 7,420,904

Total Followers: 8,477
Total Interactions with pineapples: 7,515,754

In 2015, over 7.5 million interactions were made with and our 67 free pineapple photos. Even in this blog post, you are interacting with our photos because we make use of Unsplash Source. As you can see, the majority of our interactions occur in photo views and then downloads. At first, I wasn't going to ‘count' these views as interactions but with the Unsplash API, tracking your photo views is all part of it. Facebook tracks photo views as post consumptions, so I look at these views as pineapple consumptions.

With respect to other social media platforms, it's been a bit daunting trying to build up community – from absolutely nothing. I have had to constantly remind myself that I didn't start actively participating in social, for, until the past month.

Our Tumblr community is awesome. I have had to disable notifications because it's become so active.

While I am blown away by the growth and engagement in Tumblr, this past month I've been amazed by Instagram. Being around 20 followers, I didn't think I could come close to reaching 100 followers within a month; however, we hit 94 today and surpassed a total of 1000 Likes for the account a few days ago.

I've not seen this kind of engagement before on any of my new accounts. Going forward, I am going to be posting more content on Instagram instead of only the new free pineapple photos only.

2015 Top 3 Free
Pineapple Photos

free pineapple photos for download in high-resolution
click to download

273 likes / 65,748 downloads4,734,375 views

This is, by far, the most popular pineapple photo you can download. Everything clicked for this and I'm so thankful for London Scout curating it. It's pretty cool to see that it's ranked #187 out of over 30k photos on Unsplash.

free pineapple photos for download
click to download

7 likes / 1591 downloads153,112 views

From the same shoot, this pineapple photo has the 2nd most downloads and 3rd most views of all 67 images uploaded for free download in 2015.

free pineapple images for personal and commercial use
click to download

14 likes / 1191 downloads162,294 views

The 3rd photo had the 2nd most views and 3rd most downloads. The great part about this photo being in the top 3 of 67 is that the conditions I would have wanted for shooting were not there. The morning was overcast but we made the most of it.

More #Pineapples in 2016

I'm excited to continue working and hustling when it comes to Pineapples. For someone like me, it's so important to have such a positive project and pineapples provide such positive vibes for me. Parts of me are nervous for 2016; however, makes me quite excited. With consistent engagement on my part, I'm interested to see what can happen over 2016.

Stay Golden

Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.

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