Pineapples + Tumblr Radar: Oh so sweet

Pineapples + Tumblr Radar: Oh so sweet

It's often so rare to see a pineapple in its natural habitat. Tumblr must have realized that January 3rd when they emailed me about one of my free pineapple photos being on their “Tumblr Radar.”

Pineapples on Tumblr's RadarI wondered which photo was being showcased and upon scrolling down in the email found out it was Pineapple at Sunrise:

free high-resolution photo of a pineapple at sunrise

I'd never experienced being on Tumblr Radar before and I was ready to see the pineapple photo go crazy! Man did it ever! I had turned notifications on my phone back on just to experience and track how things felt.

In turning notifications back on, I pretty much rendered my phone useless. There was so much activity in that small window of time that I couldn't use the top part of the screen. Oh well! I would check my phone's lock screen every so often to see if the activity stopped but it just kept going until I decided to crash.

Unofficial metrics when a
pineapple is on Tumblr Radar

Simply put, the Pineapples Family got bigger! Super Yeah! Everything, especially for the hand-picked photo, gained more likes and was reblogged. It still feels like there are strong residual interactions happening 24 hours later too. But what kind of numbers are we talking about?

But what kind of numbers are we talking about?

There are limitations to the analytics with Tumblr. I missed the window of time to get the 24-hour metrics. I'm happy to share with you the 3-day metric graph and estimate the amount of interactions (notes and reblogs) and new followers.

Pineapples spike during Tumblr Radar appearance

The total number of interactions from this can only be estimated. Over the past 3 days, we've seen 1867 interactions. This could be compared to the 808 we received in a full 30 days when I checked on January 1st. When looking at it that way, it was a solid boost to people interacting with after being picked by Tumblr Staff.

Pineapples at Sunrise photo is now +1500 notes. That is small compared to many posts you see on Tumblr, but it's by far the biggest I've experienced personally.

But how much did the Pineapples Family grow?

Watching notifications of new followers is always fascinating. But mind blowing when it is happening over and over. Just earlier that day, I had noticed my Instagram account for pineapples was losing some followers and I felt like maybe things are just too weird. A few hours later I was reminded to go for it whether it's weird or not.

Getting the Tumblr Radar email was a total surprise and I didn't think to check what my follower numbers were at. Luckily I tracked everything on the 1st so I had an idea of follower numbers.

Since January 1st, Pineapples has gained 513 followers. Not all are from the Tumblr Radar experience. The number I'm going to say we grew by is 430. I got an email from Tumblr telling me that I received that many new followers that day.

Totally unbelievable, guys!

Impact on the Pineapples
Photo, Directly

The Tumblr stats are only part of this pineapple photo's story. What about photo views and downloads and the impact there? The best thing I could come up with was to compare “Pineapple at Sunrise” with another more popular photo that was added to the Unsplash New section the same day:

Pineapple at Sunrise Stats - Due to Tumblr Radar
Photo stats for Pineapple at Sunrise which was less popular than Pineapples swimming below.


Pineapples Swimming Stats
Photo stats for Pineapples swimming, a more popular photo before the above photo was hand-picked by Tumblr.

That is a significant difference in the number of downloads. From past experience, photos have been around the 200,000 views mark to reach 1800 downloads (unless curated on Unsplash. Then I don't know). If rank was a download to views relationship, I can't help but wonder where the photo would be ranked in the system.

Show Your Work

Let this show that there can be more factors to these stats now than simply what's happening directly on Unsplash and why I highly recommend you have your own website for your photos too. That's what I'm doing here and at HAYSTAAK. Don't just wait and hope someone at Unsplash features your photo somewhere.

I was totally lucky to have been hand-picked for Tumblr Radar, yes. But I posted my work even if it meant nothing would happen. You never know what kind of impact you can have, who could see it, or who might pick it up and want to share it too.

Regardless, was it ever oh so sweet to experience the Tumblr Radar.

? Stay Golden ?

Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.