Pride Pineapple Supply Co. Stickers


You receive 2, 2″ tall, pride flag inspired pineapple stickers.

We want to spread good vibes using the power of the pineapple. Since we can't share the physical tropical fruit at scale, we are offering our very own pineapple stickers.

The stickers are the best quality around and only 2″ tall. Don't be turned off by their size! They pack a big punch.

Made from a durable vinyl with a laminate that protects your stickers from scratching, rain and sunlight. These are the best quality we've ever experienced. What could be better than quality good vibes?

Product Description

These are high-quality die-cut stickers of our Pineapple Logo turned rainbow for supporting and celebrating Pride and LGBT. The design follows the Pride Flag rainbow colours.

You'll get 2 medium-ish stickers per order so that you're able to share with a friend or put them in a couple of places to spread the positivity. We recommend sharing a pineapple sticker with someone else so that you directly share good vibes. We want to help spread the positivity and we'll try to continue to offer these rainbow pride stickers!

These pineapple decals are perfect for your car, laptop, desk, notebook, and anywhere you could use a positive reminder to be optimistic and spread the good vibes for the LGBT community all year long.

Once you get yours, we love seeing where you stick them!