Pineapple Photos in Quarter 1 of 2016
Most Popular Pineapple Photos End of Quarter 1 2016

Pineapple Photos in Quarter 1 of 2016

Today, as I share stats related to my pineapple photos, I am humbled by the process of adding new free photos almost daily for people to use.

Tracking stats related to my pineapple images was something I stopped doing monthly because the tracking was time-consuming. But then, Unsplash went and created a brand new stats page and I could quickly figure out my most basic photo metrics for these awesome pineapples.

In this post, I'll bring up and share:

  • Quarter 1 views, downloads, and likes that were received on the photos through Unsplash tracking. This is the beauty of using Unsplash as a host and distributor of my pineapple photos. Not to mention, Unsplash Source helps me share the photos easily and I believe the views are still tracked.
  • All time pineapple photo views, downloads, and likes
  • The top 5 most popular pineapple images as per the Unsplash algorithm.
  • If is making any money from giving away photos and how
  • Where the pineapples community is at in terms of total followers
  • Struggles in Quarter 1


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