5 Cool Pineapple Backgrounds for iPhones

5 Cool Pineapple Backgrounds for iPhones

Hey pineapple fam! Today, I've got 5 cool pineapple backgrounds that are created for your iPhone. They should look great on any iPhone 5-6S+. I took a couple of our premium photos and a few of or free pineapple photos to optimize them for the backgrounds you see.

Pineapple in Mexico Background

First up is a pineapple background from when I was in Mexico this past December.  The high-res photo is actually one of our top sellers on Creative Market and is also included in the Pineapples' Day at the Beach collection.  I cropped it and made it fit just for your screen.

cool pineapple background for iphone 3
download this cool pineapple background

Splashing Pineapple Background

This photo was also from Mexico. Shot at sunrise and letting the early waves crash up into the pineapple for a great splash. You can download the free high-resolution image on pineapples.io.

Download this rad pineapple wallpaper for your iPhone

Urban Tropics Pineapple Background

The example below is on my iPhone 6. If you have a 6+, you'll see a little bit more of the photo at the bottom. This pineapple photo was shot in Toronto just off Dundas street past Dundas Square. You can also download the full high-res image here on pineapples.io.

Download cool pineapple wallpaper

Close-up Pineapple Wallpaper

This close-up of the pineapple is from the 10 isolated pineapple images collection we put up the other day.  I love this one ?

Download this iPhone pineapple background

Silver Pineapple Wallpaper

Because you definitely need to have a wallpaper with pink and silver. This is also one of our free pineapple images and can be downloaded on pineapples.io.  Just a fact, this was the beginning of my love of painting pineapples.

Download this cool pineapple wallpaper

Enjoy the Pineapple Backgrounds!

I would love to hear any feedback from you related to this kind of content. I would like to share more of this kind of content for you; however, I only created 5 cool pineapple backgrounds to start and see how the response is for them. Drop a comment or hit me up on twitter.

Stay Golden ?

Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.

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  1. Sarah

    Hi 🙂
    Thanks a lot for this amazing job for those wallpapers. I really loved them, you made such a good work on them.
    I am a Fashion Blogger from Paris, so maybe you have no point to have a look on it, but I we never know 🙂 http://www.lescolonnesdesarah.com and my Instagram account is : @lescolonnesdesarah !
    So maybe see you there !

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    1. Scott Webb

      Thanks for stopping in and dropping a comment, Sarah! We definitely plan to release more pineapple backgrounds for our phones.

      Will definitely check out your blog and Instagram!

      Stay Golden,