New Pineapple Shirts On-Demand

New Pineapple Shirts On-Demand

When I wanted to put up some branded pineapple shirts for sale to supplement our pineapple photography, I didn't expect much of anything.  I'm amazed to say that the response that occurred was great! I really appreciate all the buyers and can't wait for you to get your pineapple shirts.  Your actions have really inspired me to bring even more to the table for Pineapple Supply Co. in terms of art, decor, and lifestyle.  With the pineapple as a force for good, there needed to be alternative ways that we could spread good vibes. The more people wearing pineapple shirts, the more people are spreading good vibes too.

This week, I continue to bring a couple of new pineapple shirts for order through on-demand shops. There are a few different shops that I am beginning to add pineapple apparel. With these on-demand shops, they deal with all the fulfillment. In the past, I've had a huge issue with packaging and shipping shirts so I wanted to ensure everything goes smooth and everyone gets their shirts. I'm selling on multiple stores because they each offer different some slightly different options. The shops are Society6 and Teespring. Depending on your preference of shirt and color, you'll select the shirt to order. But first, you've got to see the new designs.

New Pineapple Shirts

I want to consistently bring new pineapple shirts on Mondays. If you follow me on social and society6 you'll get access as the pineapple-related merchandise is uploaded to order. This week, I'm highlighting two new pineapple shirts:

Like a Pineapple

Like a Pineapple is a fun design to party like a pineapple and stay golden. Have fun and appreciate the little things.

Pineapple Shirt: Like a Pineapple

You can find this pineapple shirt on Society6 and Teespring.

There are slighty different color and shirt types on each shop. Below are a few examples of the shirts on people:

Order on Teespring Order on Society6

Less Monday. More Summer.

Mondays are pretty awesome; however, we'd be willing to give up a little bit of Monday for lots more Summer. If you feel like this, pick up one of these shirts or tank-tops!

Pineapple Shirt: Less Monday. More Summer

This design is available is available for a limited time on Teespring and will be on-going on Society6.  There are some different colors available on each site. When it comes to tank-tops, you have a few different options as well.  Below are some examples of the design on people:

Order on Teespring Order on Society6


We hope you have an awesome week!

Stay Golden

Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.