Here at Pineapple Supply Co., I’m sharing pineapple background and wallpaper designs for anyone to download and use. Technically, all of our high-resolution pineapple photo bundles include photos you could use as backgrounds for anything. The difference here is providing pre-designed graphics which include positive sayings, optimistic outlooks, motivational quotes, and fun pineapple sayings overlaid onto my pineapple photos. 

I’m always browsing the pineapple hashtags on Instagram and find these kinds of graphics posted using many of my photos. I decided to create designs that I would be happy posting. This means background graphics with great images and unique typography from independent designers.

With a pineapple background graphic you find here, you’ll know you’re able to use it freely for whatever. Even if I have put it into a specific category. A desktop background of this legendary tropical fruit could still be used for an Instagram post, a blog image, or a wallpaper for your iPhone, and iPad.These new backgrounds and wallpapers will be added 2x a week. Feel free to sign up for our emails to be reminded about them.Check out these different categories below.