Pineapple Photo Pack 12: Pineapple + Marble

Pineapple Photo Pack 12: Pineapple + Marble

Pineapple image showing how you can add your design
There is something I have to tell you that might come as a shock: I'm not the best photographer, ever. That said, I'm committed to sharing photos each week and I use such a commitment as a motivator to try different ideas. Yeah, the free high-resolution photos that I'm sharing are pure creative exploration!

It's been a real challenge for me to get decent window light where I am. To perfect these overhead or flat lay images I would love to have some continuous strobes. I wouldn't have to battle the 2 differing temperatures. Something I'm considering in the future is to look into a specific co-work in the city that has a photo studio with it. Aside from the struggle with light, I am a work in progress in terms of styling these shots. A real work in progress.

I am currently still uploading photos to Unsplash individually but offering the ability to download all within my email newsletter.

Pineapple + Marble

Here are this week's 7 free high-resolution stock photos that make people wonder if I'm crazy! I hope you might be able to make use as visual content in some way.

Flatlay of Pineapple on Marble
Flatlay of Pineapple on Marble
pineapple top to the left of frame
pineapple top
free high-resolution stock photo of pineapples
two pineapples
stock photo of the top of a pineapple in the corner
pineapple top and lots of marble
stock photos of pineapples and lots of copy space
pineapples with lots of space to the side
free stock photo of 3 pineapples on marble
3 pineapples on marble background

As I was adding these photos, I remembered that these photos received more creative exploration during editing. I decided to play around with VSCO Film 04 and finishing off with actions from FilterGrade. Check em both out!

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