Pineapple Plant Photo Pack: My first experience growing a pineapple

Pineapple Plant Photo Pack: My first experience growing a pineapple

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Since photographing pineapples, I wanted to get my hands on a pineapple plant. I mean, the likely hood of me hitting up a pineapple plantation are slim to none these days. Little did I know, this summer, I would find myself in a plant nursery and returning home with a pineapple plant.

I had no idea how I would actually grow this plant. Would it get enough sun? Would I water it enough or too little? The only thing on my mind was taking photos in case I would send it to pineapple heaven.

I found a cool planter that was previously used as a beer bucket. After a few days, I thought I better get on capturing photos. Now, these photos were originally put up on Creative Market as premium photos; however, after 4 or 5 months of next to no activity, I have decided to remove them from the marketplace and make my pineapple plant images to be licensed Creative Commons Zero.

You're able to download the 17 photos at the bottom of this post and then you can do what you want with them. They will eventually be available individually through our Unsplash profile.

As time went by, the pineapple plant did grow. The growth was pretty small and I don't believe it would have shown in photos.


Except, one day I noticed the pineapple turned golden. I was a bit confused at this point because I thought a golden pineapple meant it's ready for me to eat.  It just seemed too soon because an employee at the plant nursery told me it would be a year before it would be ripe and ready to eat.

Thankfully, I didn't waste any time to take some initial photos of the pineapple in it's wonderful & golden state. Since I was under the impression that I needed to grow this little pineapple for a year, I just kept caring for it.


A week or so passed and I noticed the pineapple started to look funky. Yup, the pineapple was now expiring and rotting. At least, that's what I believe happened.

I missed my window of time to harvest the little thing, photograph it in other locations, and taste it.

RIP pineapple plant. RIP.

What a way to go for my first experience trying to grow a pineapple at home. Live and learn, right. Pineapple plants need a lot of sun!

For a long time, I've put off sharing this because I feel a little ashamed that I haven't researched anything about how to grow a pineapple or when to harvest it. Of all my plants, I've really only lost 2.

Now, my first pineapple plant will live on through these free HD pineapple background photos and your usage of them. Part of me believes it served its purpose for us. I got photos of it green and more photos once it turned golden and now I'm sharing them with the world. 


Here at the photos within the free, no strings attached download below. The download will start right away.

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