A Lost Pineapple Photo Pack! Now Available!

Red and White Pineapple Pack - The lost Pineapple photos are available


We hope you're having a super rad summer so far!

Somehow I never got around to releasing all of these red and white pineapple photos from the beach last year. There were a few released to our pineapple profile on Unsplash, but I don't know what happened with giving the set to you here. 

They got lost in my terrible file organizational structure, I think! 

Well, enough with these photos being locked up. It's time for you all to have access if you see something you like. The photos are available through our pineapple shop as “pay what you want.” This means you can even get them for free by entering an amount of $0.00. If you'd like to show greater support, you can enter a dollar amount and it will help buy us more pineapple to photograph and make art. 

The original intention of shooting these photos was for Canada Day, but I'm sure you've got creative possibilities up your sleeve.

Take a look at a few of the 44 photos in the bundle



Now, these pineapples are on a Canadian beach in Ontario. One day, I hope to have new pineapple photos shot on a tropical beach for you! We've got to do what we can where we are! 

With greater hustle here and growing support, I'm trying to make that happen this fall or winter. 

Where in the tropics would you recommend to go? Let us know in the comments! 

Check out and download the red & white pineapple photo pack

PS. We're running a huge summer sale by offering our Lifetime Membership for only $10. This is 60% off the regular price for access to all pineapple photo packs we've released and you automatically get access to all the future images as well. More details coming on a membership too! Eventually, we'll turn this into a monthly subscription but we hope a one time fee right now is a great incentive to join and reward early supporters!

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Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.