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Many people ask about the meaning of the phrase "Stay Golden". And, that's just what we go over in this article. It may have officially come from a place you'd not expect.

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As someone that deals with depression, I often try to live out the Stay Golden mantra and I have to constantly remind myself of it to stay in a positive state. We are on a mission to use pineapples to spread good vibes, lift spirits, bring people together, and make the world a healthier and happier place to live and work. We wanted a tagline or slogan for Pineapple Supply Co. that fully encompassed this mission and related to the pineapple: Stay Golden.  

We know that everyone has tough times. Having been photographing pineapples for over a year, I have seen the reaction of people while I am out doing my thing. You'll have to trust me, but everyone that I've encountered can't help but smile.  Not only does their state change, mine is reinforced with positivity.

This is powerful. Pineapple Power! haha.

From the point of view of Pineapple Supply Co, “Stay Golden” means to be like a pineapple, stand tall and be you, wear a crown, be strong, appreciate the people and little things in your life, and don't sweat the small stuff.  It's a reminder that you are in charge of your life and there are plenty of things to appreciate.

If you know someone that going through some shit or just want to lift the spirit of your friend, perhaps it would be a great time to gift a pineapple plant, or share a pineapple photo with them and connect.

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If life is knocking you down, Stay Golden. Life is too short for negative thoughts and letting circumstances keep you down or hold you back. Take back control. You're the one in charge and a positive mind will bring about a positive life. You deserve happiness. 


New Stay Golden Meaning Discoveries

Golden pineapple held up in the air as a reminder to Stay Golden
Reminder to Stay Golden

Many people may never believe me, but I never picked up the phrase, Stay Golden, from a movie or tv show. Some people have assumed I got it from The Outsiders and the character Johnny.

Johnny apparently says “Stay Gold, Ponyboy” within a scene.

So what does Johnny mean? I have no idea off and looked around the web. Of course, the Urban Dictionary helps us in this case again:

Being true to yourself, innocent, uncorrupted, unblemished etc.  

Not conforming to what society dictates, but in a sense marching to the beat of your own

It's similar to the meaning I give to Stay Golden above.

Robert Frost and Nothing Gold Can Stay Poem

To pass the time, the boys play poker and Ponyboy reads Gone with the Wind and quotes the Robert Frost poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay“.

From the Outsiders, I also learn the meaning of Stay Gold could come from Robert Frost's poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay”.

In this poem, Stay Gold, can refer to staying true to yourself and your own character. A literal meaning is to stay where you are, in whatever figurative meaning (ie: relationship, city, state, country) you can conjure up.

It's talking about how all good things come to an end.

This is where life throws us all kinds of obstacles that can seem like whatever good is happening in your life is over. You keep getting knocked down. A mindset to Stay Golden is to keep going and remember you're not finished with this yet. This good thing isn't over yet and stay the path. Never give up.

Stay Gold vs Stay Golden Ponyboy

There are a variety of meanings you can assign to the phrase “Stay Gold”. And, it relates so closely to the picture in my head for “Stay Golden”. Like with the Outsiders thing, Stay Gold Ponyboy or Stay Golden Ponyboy says the same kind of thing

Stay Gold has no connection to the golden pineapple I'm using as reference in Stay Golden. One is gaining meaning from a poem and the other from a true legend of a fruit: The Pineapple.

The pineapple, combined with the phrase Stay Golden, brings up a vision in your mind of all the things a pineapple represents in a positive way.

Saying Stay Golden to someone is like telling them to stay positive, stay optimistic, and never stop doing what makes you come alive each day. Forget about the struggles of yesterday and understand the fresh opportunity present each day.

In the end, I'd also wish Ponyboy to Stay Golden.

To Know Someone Golden

We all know someone that is Golden in the sense described above. I'd love if you shared this article to that special person and saying the phrase to them.

This would be a great way to spread good vibes and make their day!

Let me know if you did it in the comments.


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I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. This project has been the go-to place for pineapple enthusiasts all over the world since 2015. I live in London, Ontario, Canada and enjoy using the power of the pineapple to spread good vibes.

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You are Gold is something you might hear from someone at some point in time. It seems to differ depending on the context. For example, in a retail context, I’ve heard salespeople or cashiers say You’re Gold at the end of the interaction. People seem to understand this as “you’re good to go” or “you’re all set now”.

Another context is referring to something in the past. Someone might say, The photos this camera takes are gold! Here, we’re kind of looking at the term “gold”; However, it then lends itself to mean the person is the best, perfect, should never change, and someone positive in life. Think about how the gold medal is the highest achievement at the Olympics. The one winning Gold is the best and number one. So, You are Gold can mean that you’re telling the other person that they are your number one just the way you are!


If you’re looking for something to represent this mantra, check out one of our pieces of pineapple clothing named: Stay Golden Inside and Out

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Scott Webb

Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.

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  1. HI Scott,
    Thanks for such great article. Love your last thoughts about taking control back and being positive.
    Keep going with this.
    Appreciate it.

    1. Scott Webb

      Thanks so much Roberto! Will definitely keep going. Can’t stop. Won’t stop! ✌️

  2. Fred

    Very cool!
    Funny story of how I found myself here… I realized it was an old friends birthday today and was dropping him some well wishes on FB and typed ‘Stay Golden!’
    I know what it meant to me but decided to search what it meant to the web figuring I’d get an Outsiders reference. Lo and behold this article popped up. Next thing I know I’m reading your blog and ordering pineapple stickers, lol. Got a good image of a pineapple with sunglasses and party hat to accompany the birthday wishes too (properly credited of course).
    Seriously, the simplicity is brilliant. I love the stoke and intend to spread it further! Also, I live in south Florida and am lucky enough to be able to grow pineapples in my yard. I’ve got a new one just crowning now and will be sure to send you a pic 🙂

    1. Scott Webb

      Dang, you rock Fred! Thanks for your support and we hope you’re stickering pineapples all over South Florida! We want to see that picture too!

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      Hey JACK, I’ve never seen The Outsiders.

I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. This project has been the go-to place for pineapple enthusiasts all over the world since 2015. I live in London, Ontario, Canada and enjoy using the power of the pineapple to spread good vibes.