On Being Open, Transparent, and Accountable

On Being Open, Transparent, and Accountable

I am inspired to be as open and transparent with Pineapples as I can be. I've been inspired having worked with Unsplash at Crew and always loved the openness that a company like Buffer displays.  I find it fascinating when I can learn what's going on backstage with a product, business, or website.

I find it fascinating when I can learn what's going on backstage with a product, business, or website.  Since this is my own project, I also need to find a way to keep myself accountable.

Since photographing pineapples will only part of the project, I want to keep myself accountable by being transparent in a number of areas:

  • Photo Metrics
  • Total Followers
  • Total Interactions
  • Partnerships
  • IncomeExpense Report
Monthly Updates

Each Month, I'll be doing my best to report on the bullets above. The exception, in my eyes, would be that I mention partnerships as they happen. The majority of the areas I want to be transparent on will be in a kind of monthly report.

Photo Metrics

Pineapple Photo Metrics 2015

The nerd in me wants to keep an eye on metrics of my free pineapple photos. This is precisely why I upload the images to Unsplash and have them provide the high-resolution download. They will keep track of all the important statistics for these lovely pineapples:


Keeping track of these statistics is actually a bit of work right now. I've been manually tracking the stats to this date and will continue to do so. I definitely would love to see the ability to export stats within the future.

Total Followers & Interactions

I tracked this kind of information for the Unsplash social accounts and I'm simply used to it. Having this data on followers and their engagement with pineapple photos is priceless overtime. Tracking this data is a huge part in keeping me accountable.  It helps to show me if I'm neglecting a social platform or if I should put more effort into one that is proving to gain interest.

Tracking data from:

  1. Unsplash
  2. Tumblr
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter
  5. Facebook
  6. Pinterest
  7. Ello

However, I probably will not break down each platform.


It's my aim to be open about companies or people that I team up with or collaborate with. This could mainly be companies in which I am an affiliate for or could become projects with others.

Income and Expense Reports

This type of report is a bit scary; however, I was always impressed with the transparency of reports like this by Tom over at Leaving Work Behind.  I may never make any income, but if anything it will display how this is a labor of love.  The detail of this report is something I haven't thought about in full. The income reports may be quarterly, but we'll see as we go.

Part of Our Pineapples Story

My am is to use these updates as a way to help tell the pineapples story that we're creating here in an open and transparent way, while trying to keep myself accountable. The entire project could end up to be a total flop; however, it will at least come out in some way or another and perhaps these updates will give us some insight into the success or failure.

If you have any ideas or insight that could help me out or that you'd like to hear about, please let me know in the comments or on twitter.

Stay Golden


Scott Webb

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