All In With Pineapples, Really?

All In With Pineapples, Really?

Starting, Pineapples, I didn't know the fruit is a symbol of hospitality.

All The Pineapples!

A symbol for hospitality makes sense. From taste to imagery and emojis: I get good vibes and feel a general sense of positivity from pineapples. It's why I began to have a desire to shoot photos of pineapples in the first place.

But, why not just make a little gallery on my personal website? Why do I need a dedicated pineapples website with a blog, stats, social accounts, a newsletter, and an eventual shop?

Well, my full time work website is all to do with my architecture photography

There are a number of events that lead to my own greater pursuit of Pineapples and pineapple photography. This is probably the perfect time to lay it all out for you.


Finding a domain name for such a niche idea was important to me and it needed to include the word pineapple in some form. Much to my surprise, I discovered was available. I loved it because it was short and it might even gain some search engine rank someday (if that even matters anymore). This sure looked better than or something equally lame feeling.


free pineapple photo in high resolution

London Scout is a 3-year-old fashionista. She curated a collection of photos for Unsplash, which you can find here. Instantly, the photo went viral and the positivity I got from it was out of this world. So, yes, I am forever grateful because of such exposure!

TUMBLR & UNSPLASH VALIDATION is set up on Tumblr (unlike this blog that is on WordPress) and we use Unsplash as a simple way to host images (more on this later). I had no idea that my photos and idea for pineapple photos would be validated as people began to follow and seriously download. I didn't do the best tracking or documenting at the time of being featured, but I tried. Below is a point-form list of notes/events for just past a week after the photo was curated by London:

August 4th
  • 297 new Tumblr followers in 24 hours
  • Seeing my pineapple photo amongst twitter feeds while running @unsplash account
  • Seeing multiple people change their phone wallpaper to a pineapple.
  • Great feedback from people on the photo
  • Project and idea validation from curation
  • Great exposure
August 5th
  • Phone notifications going crazy as more people follow on Tumblr
  • Email from Tumblr saying has been placed in the trending blog area
  • Loved getting an email from Matt Henry about photos and idea!
August 6th
  • 2,311 followers on Tumblr
  • 13,700 downloads on Unsplash
August 11th
  • 5,000 followers on Tumblr
  • 23,323 downloads on Unsplash
August 13th (10 days later)
  • 5611 followers on Tumblr
  • 27,529 downloads on Unsplash


Saving the best for last, the biggest reason as to why I have gone “all in” with Pineapples is because of the symbolism and personal meaning that I get from them. Find a big post on this topic here.

Positivity and general excitement for life don't come easily to me. I have to work at it and find articles like: Can you make every day feel like Saturday? Every day is a battle when you deal with depression and anxiety — even on medication. The more you can associate yourself with good vibes and positivity the better. Learn more about our values here.

One way, for me, to combat depression is through photography; however, what if I connect photography and the positive hospitality of pineapples?

Over the years, I've been literally searching for my way to bring positivity to people and bring awareness to mental illness — mainly depression. The general positivity I've received from my pineapple photos is very encouraging and I have begun to see a strong opportunity for using this idea to do social good.


Part of going “all in” is about going beyond pineapple photos. You might even say I'm moving to be a pineapple. haha. How this will work or play out, I don't know yet. I faintly see more pineapple content and pineapple curation so that we can become the source for all your pineapple obsessions.

Anything beyond the photos of pineapples will be extremely slow. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear from you.

Stay Golden

Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.

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    i love the pineapple photos it looks good but i do not know why people love it why is it trending?