July’s Fresh Assorted Pineapple Wallpapers for iPhones!

July’s Fresh Assorted Pineapple Wallpapers for iPhones!

We MUST apologize for not creating any specific pineapple wallpapers in a while. Even though you can create pretty good wallpapers on your own, from our high-res pineapple photos, we understand you might be searching specifically for backgrounds and wallpapers for your iPhone (Or any device, let's be real).  

We're committing to at least 5 new pineapple wallpapers for iPhones each month. If we can do more, that's a sweet bonus; however, we want to bring other pineapple goodies to you as well.

July's pineapple wallpapers are coming from the art we've been creating this month and one hint's at our next pineapple stickers to become available. We don't want to ramble on and on describing the origin of each new background. We hope you're keeping up on our Instagram and Tumblr accounts these days. People think pineapples are trendy but know you know that's a total lie. People have been fascinated with the pineapple….forever! It's no coincidence we want pineapples to show up on our iPhone lock screen or home screen. The more we're reminded to Be a Pineapple, the more we're going to spread good vibes and find our own mood improving.

Best Pineapple iPhone Wallpapers & Backgrounds July

This is a pretty assorted set of wallpapers this month and hopefully at least one delights you! We've got a purple pineapple on the beach, no pineapple left behind, pineapple pattern, pineapple spotlight, and pineapple party. Each with special meaning and we'd like to highlight the Pineapple Spotlight right now: Be yourself and step into the spotlight that you deserve!

Pineapple Spotlight Wallpaper

Let's Again Be Honest: These Pineapple Wallpapers Look Good On Every Thing!

Pineapple Wallpaper Delight

Of course, depending on your device, you may see less or more of the background image. They're sized at 2208x2208px and we hope that will be great for any device right now. Who knows if they will nicely fit future designs – something we can't promise right now.

Download July's Pineapple Wallpapers

We've decided to bundle up the 5 wallpapers and you don't even need to submit your email address to get them! Crazy eh! Just hit the download now button and they will be all yours!

Let us know if you've got a favourite or need specific sizing in the future!

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