New Year, New You

New Year, New You

Happy New Year! If you're reading this, you've successfully survived another year! 

The slate is wiped clean, pineapple nation! 

2017 was a bit of a rollercoaster and there's still a lot of you struggling with work and life. I'm still struggling with the loss of my cat in October and my grandpa a few days after Christmas. It's so easy to dwell on things from the past year that just didn't go your way. But, I don't want you to do that. 

I don't want you to take those negative vibes into 2018. Let it go and let the good vibes flow. 

Turn up the positivity as the clock hits midnight and say hello to a new you: Be a Pineapple 

In 2018, why not be a pineapple. All this means is that you make a resolution to be optimistic, turn up the positivity, and spread good vibes. It doesn't have to mean you live by the viral be a pineapple quote. I mean you can be sweet to people on the outside too, right.

For me, I'll be committing to more collections of pineapple photos and blog posts to keep this place active. It's just a couple of ways I can try to spread good vibes.

So, is it time you be a pineapple or what? Be a source of positivity and watch the world conspire to your other dreams for this year. Trust me, by making optimism of value in 2018 can't hurt you.

Don't have another year go by as the same you. 

If you feel this could be a lost cause, try having a pineapple object in each room of your home or with you all the time. You don't have to go crazy with pineapples everywhere, but have a way that reminds you to ask yourself if you're in a positive or negative state. When you spot a pineapple, tell yourself to bring the joy! It's a thought to get you in a positive state and bring joy to the people around you. 

In the comments, let me know if you're in! 

Thanks for a fun filled 2017! 

Hello, 2018!

Stay Golden

Scott Webb

Hi! I'm the guy behind Pineapple Supply Co.. I enjoy using the pineapple as a way to promote positivity and optimism! Most of the time, I'm working as an Architectural Photographer in London Ontario at Scott Webb Photography.